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Mamala Care FAQ

General questions (8)

Created and designed here in Germany by midwives and gynecologists - we, Mamala, have created an amazing online program for new moms. (Germany‘s Top Seller #1)

We have combined all important things new moms care and think of after birth... to one completely care-free program for a part of the postpartum period. We guarantee and promise an absolute above standard quality #thegermanway We love what we do for new moms.
How does Mamala Care work?
BabyBellyFitness program is an included Body-Recovery Online Program of Mamala Care. It is a 12-week program for new moms after birth. It not only includes a 1 on 1 personal training program explicitly for freshly baked mums with integrated training units, but also a nutrition area (ideal for breastfeeding moms) with 40 delicious recipes for cooking, daily nutrition plans.
What is "BabyBellyFitness"?
In general, you are going through a postpartum Online Program just like an online "Fitness course" or similar. But the significant difference is, that the Mamala Care program is absolutely focused on new mom's needs. So, we have put a lot of midwife knowledge & expertise which help you out during this very sensit,
What do I need for a Mamala Care membership?
For the BabyBellyFitnes program, you only need a Thera Band / Resistance Band (we recommend this Amazon) Otherwise, we only train with conventional household appliances such as a laundry basket, chair & broom.
Can I register now but start later?
Absolutely! Of course. During the ordering process we ask you for your personal desired start date. You simply state that and you will receive all the content of your Mamala Care program on time for your desired start date. The payment will only start when your start date is reached. You can also change your start date later on your own (before your start date is actually reached) or via our support!
Additional costs - Are there additional costs for me with Mamala Care, apart from the purchase price?
In addition to the possibly required sports mat and the Thera-Band / Resistance Band, there are no other costs. We promise!
When does my program start?
It depends on the date you specified. You decide when we start together!
Change start date - Can I change my start date again aEer booking?
Of course you can. All you have to do is click on "My Account" in your login area and enter your new start date under the menu item "My start date".

Further questions (10)

Can I pause Mamala Care and continue at a later time?
In general Mamala Care is structured in such a way that you should go through the 12-week program in one go. But since you have access until you quit, unforeseen pauses are of course no problem. That's why you have 5 months access instead of only 3 months.
Is there any motivation with you?
Sure, of course. You will receive a "Motivation Letter” from us every week, which you can find in the 1 on 1 area under the link "Motivation”. This letter also tells you what is waiting for you in the coming week.
How long are the videos from Mamala Care available to me at least?
You have access to your videos for a total of 5 months. After that, you will still have access to your personal login area, but the videos will be deactivated.
What happens after my Mamala Care membership?
After Mamala Care you will be able to take a lot of new "know-how" with you that you can easily implement in the future. At Mamala Care we have made sure that the program ends in such a way that you can simply continue the training workload at home to keep yourself fit.
Are there any recipes available for Mamala Care memberships?
Of course. With the integrated BabyBellyFitness program you get 40 recipes from us, adapted for nursing mothers, developed by our gourmet cook Felix Hirsch. Of course Felix also made sure that they are not only healthy and taste good, but also that they are well tolerated and digestible for you and your child.
Can I do BabyBellyFitness as a vegetarian?
Of course you can complete the BabyBellyFitness program being a vegetarian. However, our selection of recipes for vegetarians & vegans is for now still limited.
What can I do if I have lost my login details?
First of all you can reset your password via the automatic process on our website. If this does not solve your problem, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to help you!
Payment - can someone else make a payment for me?
Generally speaking, this is not a problem. You just have to make sure, that you receive the correct Login-Data from the person who has paid for the membership.
Can heavily overweight BabyBellyFitness complete?
Absolutely! Mamala Care's BabyBellyFitness programm is not a „bodybuilding-hardcore program". It ensures a adequate body recovery after giving birth - this is our goal. So you can be sure, that our exercises are not that hard - we would never put a new mom right after birth in a hardcore training program. So don't worry. ;)

Questions to a midwife (8)

Does it matter if i had a natural or cesarean birth?
In principle, this does not matter. It is important for you that you no longer have any scar pain and can carry out any "everyday movement sequences" without pain. Of course, we made sure that we use only gentle exercises, especially at the beginning, to make you fit carefully and specifically again.
Does a Mamala Care membership replace full midwifery care service?
No of course not! In our opinion, an online program can never replace a real midwife! With the Mamala Care online membership we can only supplement the performance of your personal midwife (if you have one). Especially in the US it is not common to have a personal midwife (because the state/insurances don't pay for it). So with Mamala Care we can at least fill this gap of maternity health care a little bit. But our goal is definitely: We want to install a similar maternity health care system like we e.g. have here in Germany.
Can I do Mamala Care's BabyBellyFitness Fitness Program even if my child is older?
Yes you can. In our opinion, it is never to late to start doing something for yourself - better late, than never.
Can I get pain from Mamala Care's BabyBellyFitness Fitness Program?
No, normally not! We have developed all exercises explicitly for "women who have recently given birth from the 12th post partum (after birth)". Our exercises therefore only include gentle movements, which then build on one another in the course of the program.
If something should hurt you during the program, please do not hesitate and contact your midwife or gynecologist promptly.
If you are still unsure about your physical condition before starting, you should ask your midwife or gynecologist for advice and get confirmation that you can do Mamala Care's BabyBellyFitness safely.
Are there any reasons why I shouldn't do Mamala Care's BabyBellyFitness Fitness Program or start a little later than the 12 weeks in question?
If you still have pain or problems with major birth injuries, we would advise you to wait to complete our program. Please have no wrong ambition here! If you lost a lot of blood at birth, you should also give yourself enough time to recover.

If your child wears spreading pants or has similar restrictions, you should urgently consult your midwife or pediatrician and, if necessary, do without the exercises with the child. Your child can play wonderfully next to you on the playmat and watch you doing it. Immediately after a milk jam, you should also not complete the program. Your body should have enough time to recover from it .
Are there any reasons why I should pause Mamala Care's BabyBellyFitness Fitness Program?
Yes! If you get a milk jam or mastitis during the program, which can also occur in the late puerperium in every woman, you should give your body enough time to recover from it. For this reason we have set the access to your program to 20 weeks. So you have enough time and are well prepared for unforeseen breaks.
Can I start Mamala Care's BabyBellyFitness Fitness Program before the 12th week after the birth of my baby?
We recommend that you only start Mamala Care's BabyBellyFitness from the 12th week onwards. The first weeks after the birth of your baby, we think you should take care of your body completely, because it has had to do a lot in the past few months. Treat him to some rest and a break. Use this valuable time to get used to the new, beautiful but also challenging situation with baby. The first time is particularly important to get to know each other and of course to enjoy, in addition, you should not waste any thought on fitness and "after-baby body" during such an important time.

Pelvic floor strengthening / recovery (6)

Can I train in the evening?
Mamala Care's BabyBellyFitness Program is designed so that you can exercise at any time regardless of the time of day.
Do I have to have something to eat beforehand?
Yes, we would recommend that to you. Since you are probably still breastfeeding, you should definitely have eaten something beforehand in order to have enough strength for the training.
If I have to pause 5 minutes unintentionally because I have to take care of my baby, can I just continue exercising?
If it is only 5 minutes, then you can go ahead. However, if it is longer than 10 minutes, please start again, as you have to warm up again so that you do not injure yourself.
Do I have to do the specified number of repetitions?
No, just try to push yourself to your personal limit. Please have no wrong ambition here. Try to improve yourself step by step.
How much training time do I have to plan for Mamala Care's BabyBellyFitness Online Program every day?
No longer than 25 minutes. We know that you currently have a full-time job as a mom. ;)
Can I train at night?
Of course, you can also train at night. This in no way affects your training level.